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GRE Score: 323

I'd highly recommend Punit for anyone who is aiming to pursue GRE. He has been my mentor and teacher during my preparation days and has helped me ace GRE Quant with a score of 169/170. His teaching style is very effective, he teaches concepts from the very basics so that everybody can understand, and provides a variety of approaches for a particular solution. I wish him best for all his future endeavours!

He truly stands out as the most intelligent professor. Despite my biology background and initial dislike for quants, his clear explanations from the basics made learning effortless and enjoyable. His extensive subject knowledge and willingness to assist during doubt sessions make him the best teacher I've ever had. I'm immensely grateful for his support and guidance throughout my quants GRE preparation.


GRE Score: 320

Punit sir is very sharp in identifying why the student is making mistakes. This diagnosis is of utmost importance, as it helps not just solve that question but also develop a mental checklist of how to solve different questions smartly in least amount of time and avoid recurring lapses. His added sense of humour makes learning fun! Punit Sir + Rigorous self study is the key to acing quants!

GRE Score: 320

Big shoutout to my amazing GRE trainer! Mr. Punit, Thanks to their expert coaching, I aced the math section with a perfect 170/170. Unmatched guidance, effective strategies, and incredible support. Highly recommend for anyone aiming high on the GRE!

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