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Millionaire GRE is a GRE prep company that aims to bring out the best in every GRE aspirant by providing a personalized learning experience.

What makes us unique


Ensuring affordability in our education system is crucial for widespread access to quality learning opportunities.

Personalized care

Individualized education enhances learning outcomes, nurturing students’ growth through personalized attention.

Expert tutor(s)

Expert tutors significantly elevate education quality through personalized guidance and tailored instruction.

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Our Team

Unleashing Our Dynamic Team Strength


Punit Mishra

GRE:336, Founder and Lead Instructor

It deeply concerns me to witness numerous deserving candidates falling short of achieving their rightful scores. My mission is to guide and empower GRE aspirants to unlock their fullest potential. Armed with my own impressive score of 336 and several years of valuable experience, I am committed to ensuring that every aspiring student not only reaches but surpasses their goals.



MBA‐BM (XIMB), Co-Founder and Head of Strategy

Experiencing new things and sharing them has been my ‘Dharm’. I like to keep my mind sharpened by numbers and my soul stirred by music. Excellence flowed through every stage of my education, fueling a drive to not just succeed but to inspire. With a head full of strategy and a heart full of melody, I am eager to ignite the sparks of ambition and experience this journey to a bright future ahead.


Sanskar Khatri

Co-Founder and Head of Sales

Embarking on my professional journey in 2018 within sales and services across various cities, I stumbled upon a transformative experience in Delhi. Witnessing the struggles of students in their GRE and study abroad preparations, I veered into a different field. Now, alongside a fantastic team, I am dedicated to reshaping the learning system, beginning with the GRE, to provide students with a supportive and empowering education experience.