Online Live Classes

Online live classes offer a dynamic learning experience, promoting interaction, shared insights, and collective progress towards achieving individual and group goals.

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Key Offerings in Online Live Classes

Micro batch size for personalized attention

Our utilization of microbatch sizes allows us to offer customized care and targeted assistance.

12 quants and 12 verbal live classes

Access 12 live classes for quants and 12 live classes for verbal, with available recordings for convenient learning.

30+ pre-recorded videos

We provide you with a library of more than thirty pre-recorded lesson videos for easy and flexible learning at any time, anywhere.

Complete study material

We offer comprehensive study materials for students to support their learning and help them to achieve academic success.

6 full length mocks & 10 sectional tests

Ten sectional tests and six full-length mocks are administered by us to improve candidates’ readiness for the comprehensive exam.

Initial hand-holding through 'beginner course'

With the aid of our useful “beginner course,” we walk beginners through the first steps for a smooth start.

Mock evaluation and course correction

To improve performance and growth, we conduct individual mock evaluations and make necessary course corrections.

Continuous counseling and progress tracking

In order to guarantee that people receive consistent support and development, we offer ongoing counselling and progress monitoring.

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